Dave Sníd

Custimizing the Linux Desktop

It’s been 18-months since I’ve switched to Linux as a daily development workstation. What started as a memorial weekend deep-dive turned into a daily affirmation of customization and progression of my tools. I’ve since shifted my Linux usage from “my work computer” to my “everything computer, even for games”. Specifically I’ve learned to love the Arch flavor of Linux for it’s minimalism and build-it-how-you-like ethos to Desktops. I’ve learned more about computers over these past two years then at any point in my life save for those early days as a kid with a PS1. Linux has given me a real understanding of how computer systems work and has made me appreciate open source more than I ever did. That said, as a designer it’s often hard for me to find the right place to pitch in and help. This video series serves as me doing something small, and just teaching others what I know. I wanted a linear series that explained everything involved in setting up your own Desktop, and was aimed at beginners who might be migrating over from OSX.

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