Dave Sníd

Hello, I'm Dave

Bookmarks from the command line

Fish, FZF and Xata combine to make a speedy bookmark service

My favorite movies

An unordered list of some films that left an impact

Build your own screenshot sharing application

A detailed tutorial on how the musuem works


It belongs in a museum

Two decades of screenshots, now searchable

I'm a Linux

Here's to the crazy-ones, the misfts and the rebels

Unwritten social rules around GitHub PRs

How to win friends and avoid enemies while you work

Custimizing the Linux Desktop

A YouTube series that walks through a bespoke Linux setup


Tabletop game table

This tv-top game table allows me to digitize my DnD experience


Smokeless fire pit

The result of a snowy winter and an ambundance of fresh fire wood

Branch off of main

Musings on the curiosity and skills of the ruling class


Kid's desk

A small woodworking project for my kids

Understanding Engineers as a Designer

In pursuit of the love of smart people

Learn your tools

Carry your skills with you from job to job

Good luck San Francisco

I left my heart in San Francisco

Make a terminal theme with Base16 and Flavours

A YouTube series that shows how to make themable terminals

DnD for Tabletop Simulator

A YouTube video showing off my setup for virutal DnD games

New year's resolution 2021: teach one thing a week

Contributing to the great Internet wave

NNN file manager tutorial

Ditch your files app and give this terminal based file manager a try


The town of Bellhold

Bringing watercolor art to my DnD sessions

Markdown plugins for Vim

A short video that covers helpful plugins to work with Markdown in Vim


RC car parts

Christmas is saved when I 3D print a small toy part


Split ortholinear keyboard

My bespoke keyboard setup involves a custom wood case and a split layout

DM notes from my last DND adventure

The gang drinks a potion to travel to Detroit and defeat Alice Cooper with the help of Kiss.

Button box

My flight sim addictions leads into wiring up USB controllers


Bartop arcade

A fun arcade build just in time for Christmas


Chess board

I spent a weekend building a maple and walnut chess board for my daughter.

Bed frame repair work

Often I find repair work more satisfying than making something from scratch

Barovia with watercolor pencils

Prepping for a new DND campaign. This is the first time I've ever used watercolor pencils.

Krell the cleric

Near the conclusion of a Pathfinder game we'd been running for 4 years I decided to take the figurine I'd used for Krell and blow him up into a full mini-statue

Miter saw table

Built a miter table after years of doing miter cuts on my table saw.

Princes of the Apocolypse art

For one of my DnD campaigns I made some custom sketches for the maps

Standing desk

I built a custom standing desk out of beach wood

Kids play table

A near copy of my copy table, but now with an art roll

Initiative tracker for Dungeons and Dragons

It's basically just a block of wood with a thick sheet of steel in the middle.


Coffee table

Took forever to do all the glue-up for the mahogany pieces but it turned out great.


Toy chest

My first ever real woodworking project was a toy chest for my kids.