Dave Sníd

DnD for Tabletop Simulator

Dungeons and Dragons is one of my primary hobbies. I was mid-campaign DMing a Curse of Strahd campaign when the pandemic hit in March and had to move everything online. Luckily there are more ways than ever to play a game online. My favorite solution though is using Tabletop Simulator to recreate an in person board with physical figurines. I find Tabletop Simulator’s janky chaos to fit will with the spirit of DnD’s nerd improv sensibilities and though it was initially a bear to learn, I’m now able to set up a new session in under an hour. That’s similar to the amount of physical prep I do for our in person sessions and while I still prefer playing around a table with some pizza and beer, this works well enough and has given my friends and I a way to hang out during these weird times.

I plan on making a series of videos under the same theme. This first one is more an introductory to what’s possible and why I like the software.

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