Dave Sníd

Smokeless fire pit

My backyard butts up against a fairly large nature preserve. Over this past winter an usually wet, heavy snow caused many of the trees to come down. New to having a real backyard since moving from California I bought a small pole saw and started the weekly work of cleaning things up. I ended up with near a chord of firewood by the end. The problem of course now was that I don’t actually have a fireplace. I did have a fairly large yard and a wet-enough climate that an outdoor fire-pit was plausible. I followed a couple (link and link) smokeless fire pit builds on YouTube and adapted things to the material I had on hand. It worked out pretty well and only took a day to build out. Most of the work was in digging out the space. The smokeless bit works OK. I think you really need to have a rager to make it work in a pit of this size.

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