Dave Sníd

The town of Bellhold

Started a new Eberron campaign based on a 3.5 encounter published around 2001. The great thing about DnD is that there is nearly 50 years of writing, both amateur and professional to draw from. I’ve learned that while I enjoy the “go where the adventure leads” backdrop of a Homebrew setting, I still really enjoy pulling from a playbook as my base. It’s easy to change out the main villain and adapt the story to fit your needs, but I like having the skeleton encounter figured out. This makes old modules really attractive, since the core plot is there, and you can just mix and match your story as you go.

Usually these old PDFs are only available in black and white with crude drawings. If it’s going to be crude drawings, I may as well make my own! I like to call my aesthetic “13-year old kid before Photoshop”. I limit myself to a flat hour, which is hard in watercolors since you have to wait for things to dry. You live with mistakes and move forward.

Spending time on this stuff makes the adventure more personable. It’s now a real place, and only my party has ever been there.

I guess that’s a waterfall? I don’t know.

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